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imm 5645

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Who needs Form IMM 5645?

Everyone who’d like to apply for Temporary Visitor Visa to come to Canada must go through a lengthy application process. Form 5645,  Family Information is a part of this application. It must be filled out by 18-year old individuals who intend to come to Canada based on official work permission or as students.   

What is Form IMM 5645 for?

Form IMM 5645 aims to provide information that meets the requirements of the Canadian immigration law. With this form individuals must prove that they won’t stay in Canada for a permanent residence but only to work or study.  

Is Form IMM 5645 accompanied by other forms?

Form IMM 5645 is actually one of the supporting documents that accompany Temporary Visitor Visa. It must be enclosed in visa application package.

When is Form IMM 5645 due?

Form IMM 5645 is completed when a person starts the immigration process. There is no specific deadline for completing the form. The main thing is to make sure all information provided is accurate and truthful.    

How do I fill out Form IMM 5645?

Form IMM 5645 is easy to fill out. All names must be entered in English. It contains only two pages and four sections marked with letters:

  • Section A accounts for the applicant’s date of birth, marital status, family members and their occupation
  • Section B contains identifying information about applicant’s children if any.
  • Section C accounts for applicant's brothers and sisters. It describes their occupation, place of birth and current address.

Family Information is signed and dated by the applicant.

Where do I send Form IMM 5645?

Form IMM 5645 with the rest of the visa supporting documents is sent to the Visa Application Center that serves applicant's area.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing imm 5645
Instructions and Help about immigration imm canada form
Hi friends welcome to my videos so in this video I'm going to show you how to fill up the form I mm 5 6 4 5 e family information form for Canada before I proceed further if you have not already subscribed to my channel please go ahead and subscribe because I regularly upload videos and if you have any concern any question and he that comes in your mind feel absolutely free to us alright guys so let's proceed so that in various applications like your work permit and all you get this form to be filled, so I'm going to show you, so the first question is type of application so let's say you're applying for a work permit then put worker if student put student whatever is your case now all names have to be completed in English and in your native language now how you can do that for example let's say if you are from India and your native language is Hindi house you can type here in Hindi and remember they have said names so this column name column how can you do that so let me tell you what you can do the very first thing is to fill this form except name, so your case suppose you are single country your birth you put your date of birth here present occupation present address definitely you are going to Canada because you are the principal applicants there is no question of yes or no, and it next comes other details like your spouse so if you are unmarried then this is not applicable then but yes if this is applicable in your case then you need to provide the name here mother-father if is anybody is deceased you need to provide information like if this is give city town country and death date and then select the applicable boxes if you don't have any spouse or common-law partner read and sign below you can sign here the date here you can even pick up the taped up using the date picker similarly for children include all sons and daughters including all adopted and stepchildren regardless of age and place of residence if no children elicitation be read and sign below same thing you have put the date you can go for like not applicable and then that's it if not applicable similarly brother and sister include all brother-sister half brother sister and step-brother and sister so based on your circumstances now section D needs to be mandatory signed even if you sign these sections or not I mean to say if you don't have a spouse you have to sign this if you don't have children then you have to sign this but regardless of your situation above this section needs to be signed and if the space here is not sufficient I mean if you need more space than they have also instructed that if you need more space for any section print out an additional page containing the appropriate section complete and submit it with your application alright, so first I said that put you all the information in I mean except name put everything then take a printout of that page keep it aside red next type names in English take a print and sign applicable as applicable now the first print...
What is imm 5645?
Form IMM 5645, is the family information application which must be completed by each person, 18 years of age or older, applying for a Temporary Resident Visa, a study or work permit, to come to Canada.
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